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Family Meeting Transition Update

Let your steadfast love, O LORD, be upon us, even as we hope in you. - Psalm 33:22

A time of transition, such that we find ourselves in here at the Creek, also represents an opportunity.We have an opportunity to renew our commitment to the Word of God, to Jesus' lordship of His church, and to a passionate desire to fulfill the Great Commission. What does that look like moving forward? Part of the purpose of our family meeting on Nov. 3 was to share with the body what the Elder Body has been praying and thinking about as we face the time before us with faith and trust.

First, a few updates regarding where we are:

  • Pastor Steve McKinion will be serving as the primary preacher on Sunday mornings for the remainder of 2019. We are grateful to sit under his teaching.

  • From a day-to-day operations perspective, things at Richland Creek are operating as normal. Our pastors and ministry leaders are continuing to do well in their respective ministry areas.

  • A team led by Pastor Tony Donato is right now working on our 2020 budget proposals, and will bring those thoughts to the Elder Body and congregation soon, likely in early December.

  • The construction of the lower level of Legacy and the front parking lots will be finished soon, and we look forward to having those spaces for ministry growth. We are strongly considering pausing the construction of new offices in the Family Life Center, as we are careful to guard our resources and reserves looking ahead to a transitional year in 2020. There will be more details shared on that project decision soon, probably also in early December.

Looking ahead, we need to remember that our transition plans should be viewed as a marathon, not a sprint. As we view the process ahead, Pastor Greg Mathias shared what the Elder Body believes this transition process should look like:

  • First and most importantly, prayer. Prayer is the most important aspect of this journey and we want to take this step together through a church-wide prayer strategy.

  • We want to take this historic opportunity to evaluate ourselves, as a church, in key areas such as mission and purpose (why we exist and who we are); ministry visions (how we accomplish mission and purpose; what we do); structure (polity, authority in decision making, what’s best given our purpose and our context); ministries (where we’re doing well and where we need to improve, how are we working together); and our constitution (which hasn't been updated since 2006, which was a long time ago).

To this end, the Elder Body recommended, and the church affirmed, a process of transition to include:

  • A period of assessment and evaluation involving various parts of the church body - to include both leaders and members.

  • The selection of a consultant from outside the body to help guide this assessment and evaluation. There was much discussion in the meeting about the nature of this role. It is critical to see this man as a shepherd and facilitator. The Elder Body will be looking for a man who is godly, wise, experienced, and dedicated. We will share more about this particularly in coming days.

  • The selection of an interim preacher, who will take over primary Sunday morning preaching duties in January 2020. Ideally, this would be the same man selected as the consultant, as these two roles will complement one another.

  • The formation, sometime in 2020, of a pastor search team. The nature of the team, their task, and even the job description of the role to be filled, will all be discussed as part of the assessment and evaluation process.

Finally, the Elder Body is calling all members of the Creek to a season of fervent prayer as we face the opportunities ahead of us. Several of our pastors will be working to produce a prayer guide, and establish times of specific corporate prayer. One of the most important of those will come on Dec. 11, as we set aside that night to specifically pray for our church, for these opportunities, and for the Lord's blessing as we seek to honor Him.

If you have any questions about what was shared during the family meeting, the transition opportunity before us, or anything else, please do not hesitate to speak to a Pastor or Elder.

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